HPC Chiropractic takes a holistic view of our patients’ health and wellbeing. We develop an understanding of how trauma, toxins and thoughts have impacted your body through our history and examination. We also encourage you to have a deeper understanding of the four pillars of health. These foundations, along with education and treatment around specific pain areas, form the basis of our chiropractic care model.

The Three T’s

Chiropractors determine that subluxations (joint dysfunctions) occur due to three stresses on the body – commonly referred to as the “Three T’s”:

  • Trauma (physical)
  • Toxins (chemical)
  • Thoughts (emotional)

Trauma occurs when repetitive strains like poor posture or injuries, place stress on the supportive tissues of the spine.

Toxins from poor diet, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and external chemicals place stress on the chemical balance within the body. This contributes to joint dysfunction through a mechanism called the viscero-somatic reflex.

Thoughts (negative) have the potential to be damaging when contributing to the subluxation complex. Emotional stress leads to neurological and physiological changes in the body.

If there is an injury and emotional stress, all of these responses change nervous system function and affect the body.