Relieve Pain – Improve Function – Enjoy Life

Your health is the most important part of your being and day to day life. Maintaining optimum health is something everyone should aspire to so they can enjoy their life and also aim to live a long life.

HPC Chiropractic’s mission is to achieve the highest quality of life for our patients through chiropractic care. We approach each patient individually and offer a tailored chiropractic solution that gets you pain relief, improved function and back to what you enjoy doing faster.

Our chiropractic team are highly experienced and qualified and have a very loyal customer base – testament to our work achieving results.

HPC Chiropractic has been offering quality chiropractic care to newborns, seniors and everyone in between ever since. The care offered is tailored to the individual and ranges from specific adjustments through to remedial exercises and advice on health and lifestyle.

Our Process

At HPC Chiropractic, we start by evaluating your health and asking about your condition and completing a thorough physical examination. This may involve watching you stand and move, feeling your spine, head and pelvis, and/or requesting x-rays.

We will then give you a run-down of what treatment options we think would be ideal for you based on our diagnosis.

We will then make adjustments to your body where required in an appropriate way. These adjustments are, primarily to the head, neck, spine and pelvis. There are a number of different methods of adjustments that HPC uses including:

  • Diversified technique – this is when the practitioner uses their hands to adjust or position the body. The practitioner may use gravity and the patients’ own weight for an adjustment

  • Using mechanical instruments known as activators – there is no cavitation of the joint using this technique

  • Sacro-Occipital Technique – placing wedges under the body and using the body’s own weight

  • Using specialised adjusting tables to assist with adjustments

  • Gentle relieving pressure may be used on your skull with the practitioner’s hands

  • Neuro Emotional Technique – this is a technique that is great stress relieving technique. Please see more at here.

You may be adjusted while standing, sitting or lying down – it depends on your symptoms, age and health history and our best practice advice. Sometimes you can hear a clicking sound (known as a joint cavitation) as the spinal joints are adjusted, but this is usually painless. Our practitioners are trained to listen to your treatment preferences and balance these with the health outcomes you are looking for.


HPC Chiropractic, originally named Praeger Chiropractic, was founded in 1968 by Dr Eric Praeger and passed to Dr Iain Praeger in 1984.

Due to the success and demand from patients, HPC opened its Camp Hill clinic in 2011. HPC clinics operate six days a week and have a full team of experienced and qualified chiropractors, backed up by caring and professional chiropractic assistants and office management.