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Dr Belinda Small

Dr Belinda-1Dr Belinda Small is a Chiropractor with a Masters Degree from Macquarie University, who is also a highly experienced Personal Trainer. Belinda treats upper and lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and peripheral joint problems, such as tennis elbow and sprained ankles, with gentle and individualised chiropractic treatments. Having a Bachelor of Exercise Science, she takes a holistic view of health and fitness. She advocates combining targeted therapies with appropriate exercise and lifestyle choices to achieve sustainable results that can be maintained by her patients within their own daily routines. Belinda uses her expertise to provide clients with individually tailored chiropractic care, strengthening exercises where appropriate, rehab from injury and de-conditioning, as well as advice for modifying habits which would help to avoid exacerbating or prolonging chronic conditions. Dr Belinda also enjoys treating a wide variety of paediatric conditions and has done continuing professional development studies in this area.