Pain Relief

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Pain is a signal sent to the brain to let us know that something within the body is not functioning properly. Through chiropractic treatment an adjustment is carefully made depending on the location and or type of pain. Remember, that even though pain can subside, it may still be symptomatic of an underlying condition. [...]

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The Four Pillars of Health

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At HPC we believe support of the four pillars of health provide the foundations for a healthy long life. We encourage our patients to understand how to maximise their health and minimise trauma, toxins and negative thoughts that impede their ability to live well. The four pillars are nutrition, exercise, balanced thought and brain-body [...]

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Your Body

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HPC Chiropractic takes a holistic view of our patients’ health and wellbeing. We develop an understanding of how trauma, toxins and thoughts have impacted your body through our history and examination. We also encourage you to have a deeper understanding of the four pillars of health. These foundations, along with education and treatment around [...]

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