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Pain Relief

Pain is a signal sent to the brain to let us know that something within the body is not functioning properly. Through chiropractic treatment an adjustment is carefully made depending on the location and or type of pain. Remember, that even though pain can subside, it may still be symptomatic of an underlying condition.

Read more about chiropractic relief for pain and discomfort in parts of your body or with certain conditions below:


Back Pain

Up to 80% of people experience back pain at some time or another. Most assume it is caused through injury, however the most common reasons are general activities such as poor posture or bending and lifting the wrong way.

We rely heavily on the strength of our spine to support our weight and when our spine is out of position or has a weakness, it irritates the nerves and causes pain and discomfort. Chiropractors help realign the spine to enable normal functioning.

Here are some things you can do to prevent back pain:

  • Avoid sudden bending, twisting or abrupt movements
  • Adopt correct posture especially when sitting at work
  • Ensure your bed mattress is appropriate for your build
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid high heel shoes.


Neck Pain

We may suffer neck pain because of poor posture, injury, vertebral joint dysfunctions or stress. Neck pain can also give us headaches, ringing ears and muscle spasms.

  • Poor Posture occurs when your neck isn’t kept neutral and you hunch or bend your body for long periods of time
  • Whiplash is the most common neck injury and needs to be diagnosed and treated asap
  • Vertebral Joint dysfunctions are when the joints and vertebrae are mis-aligned. Adjustments are required to correct the problem
  • Stress can cause tension especially in our back and neck muscles.


Your chiropractor will diagnose the cause of your neck pain and give you the appropriate treatment.



Headaches can often be caused by irritated nerves in the neck or spine area. Joint dysfunctions have usually caused the muscles of the upper shoulder and neck to tighten. This combination of joint dysfunction and tight muscles can put pressure on nerves, which in turn can cause a headache. Chiropractors rectify a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae (referred to as vertebral joint dysfunction) in the neck region to relieve the pressure on the nerves, allowing your neck to return to normal.



Poor posture can lead to back and neck pain, headaches and other symptoms.

Slouching can cause increased pressure on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the spine. This will interfere with your spinal nerves, resulting in discomfort and potentially severe pain.

Good posture needs to be thought about through all aspects of the day and night including work postures, posture when driving, sleep postures and even posture during exercise.

Good posture can begin with pulling yourself up whenever you slouch and recorrecting your posture/position.

When you have good posture you are more likely to have pain-free muscles, joints and ligaments. In addition, your core strengthens to provide greater stamina. Stamina can accumulate and build-up for later life; many believe that it effectively extends life itself.



Sciatica is a common condition chiropractors treat.

Sciatica is often characterised by one or a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg (rarely occurs in both legs)
  • Pain that is worse when sitting
  • Leg pain that is often described as burning, tingling or searing (versus a dull ache)
  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot
  • A sharp pain that may make it difficult to stand up or to walk


Sciatic pain can vary from infrequent and irritating to constant and incapacitating. Specific sciatica symptoms can be different in location and severity, depending upon the condition causing the sciatica (such as a lumbar herniated disc).

Chiropractors can diagnose the specific spinal issue and apply a course of treatments to relieve the pain.



Back pain during pregnancy is very common. Posture is important at any time, but even more so during pregnancy. Chiropractic treatments carried out with due care and attention on pregnant women can relieve discomfort. A consistent schedule of chiropractic care for pregnant women can help the nervous system and spine to provide healthy conditions before, during and after the birth.

Chiropractic care is very safe during pregnancy.

Some of our practitioners are very passionate about treating pregnant ladies as chiropractic care has been shown to assist with more comfortable pregnancies, shorter labor times and less pain killers required during labor. Go to the “Our Team” to find practitioners passionate about pregnancy care!



Studies show that there is a strong link between the immune system (which controls allergies) and the nervous system. A healthier nervous system means a healthier immune system and vice versa.

Chiropractic treatment can help allergy sufferers achieve better health. Common symptoms of allergies include asthma, hayfever, eczema, weight gain, acne, fluid retention and even heartburn. However the underlying problem could be a joint dysfunction of the spine affecting the nervous system caused by stress or other toxins.



Some ear infections are caused by viruses and viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics. Controlled tests show that chiropractic treatments can help alleviate earache in children and prevent reoccurrence. Chiropractors check whether there is a joint dysfunction in the nerves in the spine. If so, this could cause abnormal tension in the muscles of the neck resulting in inadequate drainage from inside the ear.

Chiropractors can gently adjust the child’s neck to help restore lymphatic drainage by correcting joint dysfunctions and returning normal function.

Parents often find that ear infections in their children reduce following chiropractic adjustments with many children having enhanced immunity.